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Title: Round RPM input
Post by: jonih on August 09, 2021, 05:32:55 pm
Hello guys,

I hope someone here could help me out with my round gauge issue:

I have connected RPM signal from coil (from coil negative terminal) to rpm input (pin 10) of the gauge.
However i do not see any signal on vemstune or in gauge for RPM value.
Gauge and Vemstune always shows RPM value: 0

Is there any way to determine if the signal is valid or available at all?

Got the multimeter and measured the values (rpm input signal disconnected):

between GND and pin 10 (RPM input): 0V (or when rpm input signal connected: 12.2V)
between GND and pin 11 (RPM reference): 2.8-2.9V.

Based on the documentation the 2.8V in the reference pin is ok and no pull-up nor pull-down resistor is needed.
Why is the RPM missing on the gauge and vemstune?

I have the RPM settings set to:
rpm_toothcnt: 02 (for a 4 cyl 2 events per rotation)
and the multiplier: 229.

Thanx a lot for any help!