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(from where does one get this "Boost target 1st gear window" :P??)
when you are using 3 year old fw you can find even more interesting things

ok, maybe find some spot where it's not over 5 degrees... because that vt values, not ecu. it should be working properly and 200% it is working as it should.

dont see your boost target :)

I'm using raspberry for sniffing can :)) linux rasp pi3 and canutils

4 layer board isn't needed. All you need is stronger ARM processor with 100 or 144 pins. And VEMS can be 50% of curent size. DPACK's on bottom and logic on top layer...
AVR is ooooold technology. I didn't see flyback pin and special GND wiring anywhere, only on VEMS. It was good in 2005, or 2010, but there are many hotter boy in town for less money. EMTRON is a killer with 200+MHz ARM for the same amount of money.

VEMS isn't enough for me, for 2001 Astra, with a few special request, how could it drive 2015 BMW daily driver with all electronics enabled. It can't...

what are you talking emtron is a killer for same amount of money? :D

Plenty room in the current Alubos  case to fit 2x EC36. Tyco even do a Red connector with a different gender  to prevent the wrong plug to socket mishap. Rover used these on their MEMS controllers. The board tracks just need moving a little on the V3 to get a nice fit. I did a hack on one of my old boxes and wired the extra pins internally.

One thing to discuss though about shrinking the size of the box is the transistors. Most modern stuff I have seen use similar to DPAK chips and heat sink to the board...............
yes I found out exactly the same info about the connectors, anyway those amp is the way to go, currently wiring some emtron ecus, jesus what a pleasure to work with them, easy connect disconnect, fast crimping, and easy pin fitting, and they are pretty much cheap these times. to have dpak's on board would be nice anyway would be interesting to see how much of free space we get for other stuff if we go like 4 layer board now, or similar, with same components, exept inj and ign transistors who would be dpack.

Fuel Injection / Re: Injector won't open
« on: September 13, 2017, 02:25:57 am »
Yes, they won't open when im cranking
so feed them with 12v ;) or get rpm signal working.... nobody know's what's happening there..

maybe someone would like to redesign current vems ecu to use these connectors and make it compact as possible?
it would be interesting to see how much smaller it can get :))

Software / Re: nice features to have "request"
« on: September 12, 2017, 01:41:00 pm »
Another one: idle ignition control max rpm. For example set to 1300rpm, so above 1300 it doesn't retard the ignition when off throttle.
that's a good one

Configuration / Re: AIM between Vems and Mechatromotive RCD
« on: September 12, 2017, 12:32:55 am »
Strange value reading has been fixed by firmware upgrade that I got from Mechatromotive.

However still have issue that AIM values are not correct for things like Oil Temp. Pressure .. etc.

I am reading values from analog and would like to forward values to display .. to see it.

Any suggestion ?
aim is working fine... check your settings i believe :))

Fuel Injection / Re: Car died on idle and refuses to start..
« on: September 11, 2017, 08:24:35 pm »
heres some logs that i uploaded, hopefully it answers your question, cause i dont really know how to tell.
why you are holding full throttle when cranking? it disables injection..

it gets more and more interesting :))

Fuel Injection / Re: Injector won't open
« on: September 11, 2017, 08:17:51 pm »
you mean they don't open when you are cranking?

Configuration / Re: No start- erratic crank signal
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:53:38 am »
tools/record trigger log, that would help a lot

Fuel Injection / Re: Car died on idle and refuses to start..
« on: September 10, 2017, 06:16:52 pm »
okay.. well got any ideas?
 i mean the wiring is obviously not broken since the injectortest works.
i have ignition.
i got fuelpressure and if i try to test the injectors with running fuelpumps theres fuel coming out of em.
all fuses are checked, tps seems fine (shows 0-100).
newest firmware.
removed the fuelrail and tried cranking and they wont open.

how do i know if the vems have gone into safemode?
would it shutdown the injectors only and not the ignition?
do you have duty cycle in log when you are cranking?

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