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This is something I was working on for some time... :D

And here is something I was working for my friend. For money machines. USB HUB, UARTS and CCTALK.

Yes, I got everything from china. I'm still waiting for some headers for daughter board...

Outputs board.

VEMS H bridge

soldered on VEMS:

VEMS daughter board (not soldered completely)

Programming connector

I'm working on something for e-motorcycle so I'dont have much spare time (about 15x15cm, 100 pin ARM STM32F105VCT6, 2xCANBUS, 50V power supply, 13V 20A output, 10x power outputs, etc)...

This is something similar. But mine is better, smaller (40x12mm) and cheaper... :D

This is sent to PCB manufacturer. I have a customer request on a project and this is required... It has free UART on bottom.

Well, you could drive any 2015 car with full functionality, but that requires a lot of time and a lot of sniffing. I gave a solution for VEMS 3.8 to bring it to 21 century... I am open for cooperation, so it's up to you guys... As I said, I have a lot of experience with canbus, and a lot of hours sniffing CANBUS.

Anyway, here is another small gadget for Canbus. USB->CANBUS with ARM STM32F103. 4x1cm. It can be used for anything... PCB's are sent to the manufacturing process. When I get them I would post some pics..

4 layer board isn't needed. All you need is stronger ARM processor with 100 or 144 pins. And VEMS can be 50% of curent size. DPACK's on bottom and logic on top layer...
AVR is ooooold technology. I didn't see flyback pin and special GND wiring anywhere, only on VEMS. It was good in 2005, or 2010, but there are many hotter boy in town for less money. EMTRON is a killer with 200+MHz ARM for the same amount of money.

VEMS isn't enough for me, for 2001 Astra, with a few special request, how could it drive 2015 BMW daily driver with all electronics enabled. It can't...

I'm from Croatia, Zagreb. MWfire is my neighbour :)
I'm interested in some kind of cooperation, and I would be glad if somebody likes my boards and wants to use it...

I have connected this way my VEMS:

0 (ch1)   TPS2
1 (ch2)   PPS1/2
2 (ch3)   FUEL_PRESS
3 (ch4)   A/C_PRESS
4 (ch5)   EGT1
5 (ch6)   IAT_TURBO
6 (ch7)   MUX_A
7 (ch8)   MUX_B

And plan to get multiplexed signals over canbus and this daughter board to send it to VEMS (S259-1/2 are connected for mux)...

A3   A/C-ON
A4   TC-ON

B3   Shift-Cut
B4   LC-ON

So we would see how it would go... :D I will notify you of progress.
Later I would move PPS1/2 to A1 over canbus...

I have 4 possible ways to tap-in VEMS and to pass it my information (MCP3208 ch7 and ch8) as it was passed by MC3208:
1. Use 2xDAC on ARM to send voltage to MCP3208 on ch7 and ch8.
2. Use 74HC243 (on bottom side of daughter board) to cut MISO line from MC3208 to VEMS and tap in MISO line at the apropriate time.
3. Use 1k resistor on MISO line of MC3208 to VEMS and tap-in MISO line at the appropriate time.
4. Convince VEMS guys to add new set of inputs over CS_CAN and SPI... :D

1. would work 100% but that way I have double (or triple) A/D-D/A-A/D conversion and it could be used for digital signals, not so much  for analog signals. But I'm convinced that I could make 3. to work also... Anyway, this daughter board is pretty versatile and supports it all. I gave it a lot of thoughts to make it happen.

As I described earlier in my posts how I want it to be used... Also, I plan to use a few DS18B20 over 1-wire line to measure temperatures of oil, water in engine cooler, in charge cooler, in charge cooler's water cooler, ambient, etc. I want to log in all these temperatures also IAT temperature before and after charge cooler to see its efficiency...

And all these collected data I would send over CANBUS to my central body computer with GPRS and send it on server...

I have added serial SPI flash on daughter board for smaller logs if something happens to the engine. Also added 3D gyro and accelerometer. GPS data would be received over CANBUS and relayed to VEMS over RX2 if needed...

I could make relay VEMS TUNE link over GPRS/CANBUS if somebody is interested in this... :D

Thank you wersch.

I have had some new ideas and browsed through the board and added KWP2000 support, and rotated connector because stepper chip on VEMS was in the same position... :) I think this one is going to PCB manufacturer...

The final testing position of pins on canbus daughter board before sending PCB to manufaturer.

The final testing position of pins on H bridge daughter board.

Here you go.. Latest version with better cooling, and added little mosfet N for safety output (I259 connected directly from VEMS PCB). I just hate many wires inside VEMS housing...

OK. So I have redefined the board. I have added IRF5305 so it doesn't need an external relay for power on (safety output P259 connect internally to Is pad), and 4 resistors in parallel with diodes to cope with Mosfet dead time. If you don't have outside flyback diode, you can simply add on 30V diode over +30 and GND... Ip is internally connected on PWM..

It is only 33x25mm in size and it solders on VEMS board. The bottom layer is GND all the way for better cooling and soldering on VEMS you get to use pins 10,11 for output and 12 for power supply for ETC.

Here is how it is positioned...

Fire, do you have any other complaint before I make another PCB's? What do you think?
2Kamuto: Yes of course. When MWfire confirms that it's ok, I will send you the files... I'm making myself a few pieces, and I could send you one PCB when it is done... :)

2mwfire: AP4506GEH have protection diodes inside...


OK, 100nF can be added between GND and +15 below second AP4506. I forgot about that.

Heat sink is VEMS board because this boards solders on VEMS board exactly below IGN7-4 transistor places on VEMS board.

I asked you about current spikes while switching and you smiled at me about that... Now you are saying that I was right about currents.. :D

Here is daughter board card for H-bridge (drive by wire)

and here is 10x 17A minus output expander (1wire)

and here is IO 1wire expander

I love making small gadgets.. :D

Here you go. Preliminary daughter board.
Canbus port, KWP port, 2xUART to vems, MCP3208 emulator, 2 A/D inputs, gyro-mems, etc...

That is not the problem if you get all ids that DSG expects from the car. Then we can emulate it.

I did emulate abs in Wrangler to enable Mercedes automatic gearbox to work with mercedes diesel engine...

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