Author Topic: Continued setup and troubleshooting.  (Read 67 times)

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Continued setup and troubleshooting.
« on: March 28, 2021, 11:07:32 pm »
85 Porsche 928 with 89 928 S4 engine. Using factory 89 wiring harness. Went with coil on plugs also.

I am working through some issues and would like to ask the community, rather than always bothering the same few people that I keep pulling in. I will keep hitting them up as they are great resources, but this way I can give them a break from my questions.

TPS has been calibrated. Ignition coil functions have been tested and verified. Battery fully charged.


WB02 will not calibrate. I have tried 2 brand new sensors, same result. The calibration tool says "Heating", never changes and tip of sensor never gets warm and the gauge never moves from zero. I have tested the wiring, got the expected voltages on each and did a continuity trace between the connector wiring and the VEMS EC18 plug. All good. I am not sure how power is supplied to the sensor heater, ie what relays and fuses are involved. Per the fuse chart, I have replaced fuse 42, which is for fuel pump and 02 heating, and I have tried the calibration with the FP relay in and also with it out and jumpered so the FP is running. No luck. Any ideas where to look/test/etc?

2nd issue, injectors never fire. I have tested each with a noid light, using test function from VEMS and also while cranking the engine. I have verified wiring is correct and continuity is present on each. This is wired for factory setup on injectors, so EC36 pin 7 is being used for injector output. How can I test the injector impedance for the injector circuit? Any other places to troubleshoot, CPS, or anything else?