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Audi I5 idle setting
« on: June 06, 2021, 10:09:57 pm »
Hi all

i have read a lot here, tried setting idle according to the procedures mentioned here, its always like...super, it works now..oh wait, doesnt..

the motor is a 2.5 20V with 7670 EFR turbo, the Intake is a custom piece, the throttle body also...the IAC is a 4 pin GM stepper..

it starts and idle nice when cold, when you blip the throttle it stabilizes good...the more the engine heats up, the more instable it gets..

when i blip the throttle hot, it revs up, comes below (800rpm) commanded idle (950rpm) and stay there...if i blip the throttle several times, engine often stall out when coming down..also, when i drive and drop the clutch, either it comes down below commanded idle or stall out.

by looking at the values, IAC follows TPS to a point, throttle closes, IAC goes down really fast, vacuum goes up, lean spike, rpm drops fast, IAC opens, tries to catch, engine stalls..

The IAC acts very fast, too fast i think...from other cars (GM) they have a TPS guided throttle follower, so when you blip the throttle, rpm goes up, so does IAC, when you shut the throttle momentarly, the IAC doesnt go down that fast, brings down rpm in a way that it doenst stall

is there a way this can be doen on VEMS?

im running FW 1.2.31 now, should i upgrade to 1.2.38?

hope you have some answers for me, as im getting a bit frustrated.