Author Topic: Configuring V3.8b board  (Read 7350 times)

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Configuring V3.8b board
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:08:25 pm »

I just got a 3.8b board for my new expanded VEMS, do anu of you have experience with the differences for HW configuring the board. Seems quite different to v3.3 documentation.

And specially to 2x wheel speed inputs I need seems difficult.

My complete configuration

So I have the following HW:

VEMS bare SMD board unconfigured v.3.8b
ETC/DBW board for additional 6 high current outputs
2x VR to Hall wheel speed dividers
Airconsole Vlan/BT/USB interface
12V-5V converter for the airconsole.

My planned configuration is:

8+8 drivers for 6 coils and 6 primary injectors, 4 spare High current fets used for fan1, fan2, fuel and pwm control of Exup valve.
one knock channel
Primary VR, secondary Hall
Stepper output for Idle air valve
2x lambda 4.9
2x wheelspeed one from gearbox and one from front abs sensor
DBW 6 fet outputs connected to P259 used for 6 secondary injectors.

Engine is a heavyly modified Jaguar AJ30 duratec with 285 deg high lift cams and 6 ducati ITB's. Redline at 9000 rmp with aprox 330 hp.

For the questions:

I need to configure the SMD PCB and it seems that 3.8b differ a bit from the 3.3 documentation I can find.

Fet's, flyback RS232 knock is pretty straight forward.

But can you help me with HW setup for the dual wheel speed input ?

And did anything change on the dual lambda setup, for 2x LSU4.9, compared to v3.3 and LSSU4.3

I will add an aitional EC18 connector to the case and pin the secondary injectors and wheelspeed input there

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Re: Configuring V3.8b board
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 03:54:53 am »
you cant use these outputs for secondary injectors I believe :)
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