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testing AIM comms
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:06:14 am »
I am trying to connect my VEMS ecu to my Racetech Dash2 and am having problems.  Both are about 2 years old and VEMS is running quite recent firmware.  I ordered the Dash 2 with built in ECU comms for VEMS AIM protocol and so i hoped things would be easy.  I cant get anything on my DASH 2 from VEMS.  So i have been trying to make sure i am getting something from the VEMS ecu on a PC terminal program.  When connected to the normal RS232 port i get constant "rubbish" from vems which may be the aim protocol or just rubbish.  I cannot attach the picture of the terminal screen to this thread for some reason, but it just looks like constantly updating data that makes no sense. AIM is enabled in Vems tune.  Can anyone confirm the following:

What should AIM protocol look like when viewed on a terminal screen?
I am connected to the "normal" RS232 port that i use for Vemstune, and not the LCD RS232 port.  Is this correct?
Should i use a normal cable or a NUL cable?

Thanks des.