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e30 m50 speed signal
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:22:26 am »
ok so i am having an issue with my speed signal on my vems, already checked wiring and continuity with the wires and im actually talking to gunni about this anyways.  i am just wondering if anyone has ever ran into this issue at all. ok so i dont have a speed signal input going into the vems but my speedometer does work on the cluster.  i havent scoped the wires yet to see the wave form that its going to output like gunni has recommended, i will be doing that tomorrow when i bring the scope home from work.  so we have tried almost everything and when i ground out the signal wire the speed moves on my vems. i have a m50 vanos turbo on 91 318is.  so has anyone ever ran into this issue?  its been bothering the hell out of me lol
Thanks in advance for anyones input.