Author Topic: My J35A8 V6, Twin Turbo, 6-Speed, RWD Converted '01 Honda Prelude  (Read 5054 times)


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This is my dream build, I am in the planning process still (boring, I know) but I have a pretty thorough plan made.
Here are a few pics of the car as is and a list of the basic build points, also a link to my FB page for the car.
I probably won't be running a VEMS ECU but I will be having the car tuned at VEMS (One Day!)
I plan to run an AEM Infinity Series 5 - 506 Standalone EMS and have it tuned by VEMS as I have heard good things about their tuning skill and results.
I trust the company and I know Nick Montgomery (We live in the same town).

Facebook Page for my BB6:

Some Pics of The Car:

Build Plan: (Shooting for ~600whp + ~450wtq)
  • J35A8, 3.5L, 60°, SOHC, VTEC, V6 Block (Found in 2005-2008 Acura RL (KB1 Chassis) & 2007-2008 Acura TL Type-S (UA7 Chassis) )
    Fully Built w/ Darton Sleeves, Custom Order Forged Wiseco Pistons (10:1 CR), Forged Pauter Rods, Holley EFI Intake Manifold w/ P2R Adapter (For LS Chevy),
    ARP Main and Head Studs, ACL Race Rod, Main and Thrust Bearings.
    -Custom Fabbed J35A8 Engine Mounts/Brackets (For Longitudinal Mounting)
  • J32A2, 3.2L, SOHC, VTEC V6 Cylinder Heads ((Found in 2002-2003 Acura TL Type-S (UA5 Chassis)
    Fully Built w/ Supertech Springs & Titanium Retainers, King Motorsports: Port, Polish, Multi-Angle Valve Job, Resurfacing, Port and Gasket Matched & Flowbenched, Supertech Black Nitrided Intake Valves and Inconel Exhaust Valves, New Valve Guides and Seals, Bisimoto Level 2 Cam Re-Grind.
-Turbo Kit:
  • Twin Garrett GTX2860R GEN II Turbos
    Support For:
    200-475 HP  and  1.4L-2.5L Per Turbo
    600 Twin Turbo 3.5L Goal = 300 HP and 1.75L Per Turbo
    600 HP Goal = 63% Turbo Output from Each Turbo
  • Garrett Turbo Speed Sensor Kit w/ Gauge
  • Twin, Custom Made, Stainless Steel, 1.5" Dia. Runners, Turbo Manifolds
  • (2) Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 Wastegates
  • (2) Turbosmart Race Port Blow-Off Valves
  • SHEEPY BUILT Honda 850HP Dual Back-Door Intercooler
  • HONDATA 4-Port Boost Control Solenoid Valve
  • (2) K&N, Universal, Clamp-On Filters
  • P2R, J Series, 4-Bar MAP Sensor
  • Custom, Stainless, 2.75” Downpipes
-Fuel System:
  • Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors
  • P2R High-Flow Billet J-series Fuel Rails
  • Russell -AN Fittings
  • Russell ProFlex Fuel Line
  • Hybrid Racing Liquid Filled Pressure Gauage
  • AEROMOTIVE A1000 Fuel Cell w/ Brushless Pump – 15 Gallon
-Cooling System:
  • Schmuck Built Tucked Performance Aluminum Radiator
    w/ -16AN Fittings, Drain, Fans and Shroud
  • Russell -16AN Radiator Hoses & Fittings
  • Moroso Cooling System Expansion Tank
-Dry Sump Lubrication System:
  • MOROSO Dry Sump Pump (Dragster-3 Stage)
  • Custom Fabbed Engine Pan (CNC Billet or Aluminum Plate)
  • Custom Drive Gear, Belt, Pump Bracket
  • MOROSO Pump Pulley
  • MOROSO 6 Qt. Reservoir/Tank
  • Mishimoto 25-Row Oil Cooler
  • Russell ProFlex Hoses & -AN Fittings
  • Derale Remote Filter Mount (Side Feed)
  • Custom Retrofitted AP2 Honda S2000 Gauge Cluster
  • AEM Boost
  • AEM Oil Pressure
  • AEM Oil Temp
  • Garrett Turbine Speed
  • Quaife Digital Gear Position
  • SVE Mechanical Trans Oil Temp
  • Quaife 6-Speed Sequential Transmission w/ Straight Cut Gears, 0.762 OD & S2000 Fitment Package
    (Designed for Honda S2000 - Includes S2000 Bellhousing, Input Shaft, Mainshaft, Slave Cylinder Bracket and Drive Flange
  • Custom Fabbed Trans Mount Cross-Member
  • Mishimoto 19-Row Trans Oil Cooler
  • Russel -10AN Cooler Hoses and -AN Fittings
  • Derale Remote Filter Mount For Cooler
  • CNC Aluminum S2000 Bellhousing-to-J35A8 Block Adapter
  • Custom Chromoly Flywheel
    (Will Mate to J35A8 & Run a S2000 Clutch Kit)
  • Competition Clutch Performance Clutch Kit - Stage 4 - 6 Pad Ceramic
    (For Honda S2000)
  • Action Machine Inc. Custom Aluminum 4” O.D. Driveshaft
  • Js Racing Reinforced Rear Sub Frame Honda S2000 00-09
  • Innovative Steel Black Rear Differential Mounts Honda S2000 (00-09)
  • New, OEM Honda S2000 Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • J's Racing Rear Knuckles (20mm Roll Center Adjustable
  • K-Tuned KTD-RTR-S2K Rear Adjustable Toe Arms
  • The DRIVESHAFT Shop HONDA 2000-2008 S2000 500HP Level 2.9 V2 Axles
  • SPOON Sports Differential Gear Box Assembly w/ 4.44FD and LSD
  • AEM Infinity 506 Standalone Engine Management
  • OEM 2008 Acura TL Engine Harness (Manual Trans)
  • OEM 2008 Acura TL ECU (Manual Trans)
  • Custom Made AEM Infinity Engine Harness
  • Custom Retrofitted BMW M4 Front Bumper Cover
  • Custom 4.25" Widebody Rear Quarters
  • Custom 3.77" Widebody Front Fenders
  • Front Wheels: 17" x 8" ENKEI GP5 Wheels (Silver Machined Finish)
  • Rear Wheels: 17" x 12" Custom Made, Forged ENKEI GP5 Modeled, 0mm Offset Wheels
  • Front Tires: 215/45ZR-17 Michelin PILOT SPORT CUP 2 Streetable Competition Tires
  • Rear Tires: 335/35ZR-17 Michelin PILOT SPORT PS2 Max Performance Summer Tires
  • Front Brakes: CEIKA 6-Piston Calipers, 345mm Rotors
  • Rear Brakes: CEIKA 4-Piston Calipers, 345mm Rotors
  • Front Suspension: BC Racing Mono-Tube Coilovers - 9kg/mm Springs (Designed for Prelude)
  • Rear Suspension: BC Racing Mono-Tube Coilovers - 6kg/mm Springs (Designed for S2000)

I am in need of $.
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