Author Topic: LSU 4.9 on Round V1  (Read 475 times)

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LSU 4.9 on Round V1
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:50:16 pm »

I've had a Round V1 for a couple of years. Has been very helpful with the fuel pressure settings of a K-jet system on a '88 Saab 900.
I want to buy a second unit for another vehicle, V2 because of the extra features. The LSU 4.9 sensor looks to be a better choice then the 4.2 but I would like to be able to switch sensors if there is a problem.
Can a 4.9 be mated to the old V1 unit with an adapter cable?
Are there plug and play adapter cables 4.2 <> 4.9 on the market, I can't seem to find any. Male connectors are scarce too.

Thanks in advance.