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Volkswagen Type 4, Attempting to use Distributor as trigger signal.


Red October:
Hello, and pardon my newb I'm very new to tuning, be gentle :o.

I have a Porsche 914 Type 4 that I am working on. I have been able to get the car to run but it runs very rough, and will not rev at all.

I'm using a Pertronix distributor as my only trigger, and I'm wondering about how to get it setup properly, since i think this is why the car doesn't run well. Currently I have it setup as a 4 cylinder, but I have been reading about setting up the distributor trigger as an 8 cylinder wasted spark system, and only firing fuel every other spark event. Am I way off here?

My tach signal is very inconsistent and spikes from idle to 3-4000 rpm. I have been looking at resistoring the trigger signal to pull it up or down to correct it, but I'm not convinced that is the answer, but I also know barely enough to get myself into some trouble here, so I could be way off.


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